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Annual Board Meeting Season

October is just around the corner and for some Associations, they may have their Annual Meeting to close out the year. By state statute, association meetings are open to members year-round, however if you’re only going to attend one meeting each year, the Annual Meeting is the one to choose. The annual meeting is a […]

Contractor Chat: Weathering Expectations

One of the great construction debates is to sealcoat or not to sealcoat asphalt pavement. Let’s review the primary purpose of sealcoating and then the common complaint. Sealcoating asphalt (usually driveways or streets) provides a thin layer of fine aggregate, oil and minerals to help protect and “seal” the aggregate asphalt materials that make up […]

How Association Boards and Management Companies Work Together

In an HOA, there is often confusion about who is responsible for what between the Board and Management Company. While each association and their contract with a management company is unique, we have gathered some general guidelines to help clarify these roles. The HOA and its Board are responsible for the overall operations of the […]

Board Tips: Overcoming Decision Making Paralysis

There is nothing more frustrating for members, managers, and even homeowners than a Board that is collectively stuck in the muck, endlessly spinning their wheels deeper in the rut of indecision. Rest assured, it is a common condition. If it is not a recognized medical disorder, it should be! Perhaps it is a large construction […]

Committees, Committees, Committees – Part II

Welcome to Part II of Committees, Committees, Committees. As a Board member, the responsibilities and tasks to keep the association running smooth can add up quickly. And as a leader, the art of delegation is incredibly important. Committees can be a great resource to, and outlet for, the Board of Directors. The goal of this […]