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The Ultimate Guide to Successful HOA Management

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Homeowners Associations (HOAs) play a crucial role in fostering vibrant and harmonious communities. Successful HOA management requires a delicate balance of effective communication, fair rule enforcement, and robust community engagement. In this blog, we’ll explore the key components of successful HOA management, offering valuable insights for your neighborhood along with making your community feel taken […]

The Election of Officers vs Directors

There is a common misunderstanding among homeowners, and even Board members, about the difference between being elected to the Board of Directors and being elected to an Officer position. Of course, your Governing Documents may state otherwise, but an overwhelming majority of Documents state that Directors are elected by the Membership/Homeowners at the Annual Meeting […]

Meeting Room Layout – It’s Worth Some Thought

One of the most overlooked components of running an interruption-free meeting is the layout of the meeting room. Remember – a Board meeting is a BOARD meeting.  It is not a Membership/Homeowner meeting.  Homeowners may attend to observe or to address the Board during an allocated Open Forum however, the Board meeting is a place […]

Board Tips: Utilizing a Timed Agenda = Efficient Meetings

Do your Board meetings typically last well over an hour? Do you often leave your meeting without a clear action plan? Is more time spent brainstorming ideas in your meetings rather than making decisions? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, a Timed Agenda could be a useful tool to help make […]

Winter Tips and Reminders

townhome management in winter

Living in an association with shared walls makes it particularly important to properly care for your home during the cold winter months. If you plan to be away this winter, remember the following important items: Always leave your heat ON. Set thermostat no lower than 55 degrees Winterize your pipes (sinks, toilets, etc) by turning […]

Snow Contracts and Expectations

As much as we all don’t want to admit it, winter is coming back to Minnesota. When the white stuff starts to fall again, it’s important for homeowners to understand how specifications in snow contracts will affect when snow is removed from your roadways and driveways. First off, every snow contract is unique. To better […]

A Sharper Management Property Earns Hopkins Community Image Award

For Immediate Release Sharper Management Property Earns Hopkins Community Image Award Meadow Creek Condominium Association, located in Hopkins, MN and managed by Sharper Management, has been named as a recipient of the 2016 Hopkins Community Image Award. This award is given to recognize property owners who have made improvements to their property or have demonstrated […]

Kelsi Ward Joins Sharper Management

For Immediate Release Kelsi Ward Joins Sharper Management Eden Prairie, MN, (November, 2016) – Sharper Management is pleased to announce Kelsi Ward has joined the Sharper Management team as an Assistant Community Manager. “Ward will be working in conjunction with our Community Managers in a support role. Her exceptional attention to detail will be a […]

Sharper Management Continues to Grow in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Eden Prairie, MN (October 20, 2016) Sharper Management, a locally-owned, mid-sized property management company located in Eden Prairie, MN has recently been brought on board to manage the home owner’s association for Devonwood, a 331 unit condominium complex, located in Bloomington, MN. Built in 1983, Devonwood selected Sharper Management for their efficient systems and ability […]

Chris Gosse Honored by CAI-MN at 2016 Vision Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Matt Froehlich October 6, 2016 Chris Gosse Honored by CAI-MN at 2016 Vision Awards MINNEAPOLIS — Members of the Minnesota chapter of the Community Associations Institute recent honored Chris Gosse for his work in the field of community management. Gosse was given the Rookie of the Year Award at CAI-MN’s annual […]