Sharper Management


Put simply – a regular meeting of the Board of Directors is a business meeting to make decisions and document approvals. That’s it. Period. So many Boards and Associations fall into the habit of treating a Board meeting as the opportunity to brainstorm topics, collectively review bids, debate homeowner concerns, etc.  It’s natural. After all, you’re going to be in a room together, so why not just do everything then, right? Being on the Board is not just one-day-a-month job.  Discussion with one another can happen between meetings – and individual preparation should be done by every member of the Board.  Your Community Manager works hard to provide you with meeting materials, financials, bids, etc. PRIOR to the meeting. Come to the meeting prepared and having hashed out items beforehand.  Everyone’s time is valuable and Board meetings shouldn’t be a chore.  If you are dealing with complicated matters, consider putting together committees and having unofficial “working sessions.” Lastly, if you enjoy socializing and having treats at your Board meeting, that’s great.  You must be a cohesive group. But save it for after the meeting. Get down to the business of making decisions and motions on behalf of your Association.   You will find that Board meetings are shorter, less frequent and most of all, more productive. There’s an added bonus, as well.  Effective and efficient Boards don’t seem to have an issue with member retention or find it difficult to get new members to join.

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