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Experience Seamless Commercial Association Management with Sharper Management

Efficient Commercial Association Management with Sharper Management

As a busy business owner, your daily tasks are already demanding. Let Sharper Management take the burden of commercial association management off your plate.


Streamlined Office Condominium Space Management

Our comprehensive management package ensures that your office condominium space is managed seamlessly. Our team of professional property managers is equipped to handle all financial, administrative, and maintenance matters with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For those focused solely on financials, we also offer a specialized financial-only package.


Key Features Offered by Sharper Management

  • Dedicated Communication Website: Stay connected and communicate efficiently through our dedicated online platform.

  • 24/7 Financial Information Access: Access your financial information anytime, anywhere.

  • Round-the-Clock Emergency Line: Rest assured with our 24-hour emergency support line.

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Commercial Condo Association

Selecting the right partner to manage your commercial condo association is a crucial decision for any board. Sharper Management recognizes the significance of this choice, that is why we have cultivated a company and culture that align with our commitment to being the ideal team member for your association.

Locally Rooted Property Management with a Purpose

Sharper Management is a Minnesota-based property management company that is deeply rooted in the local community. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality management services to common interest communities. We achieve this through a culture centered on communication, teamwork, and continuous growth.