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Making the Right Choice for HOA Management: Partnering with Sharper Management

Selecting an appropriate partner to oversee your Homeowners Association (HOA) entails a significant decision for the association’s board. Recognizing the gravity of this choice, Sharper Management has intentionally developed both our company and its culture to align with our core principles. Our aim is to stand as the ideal team member for your association.


From Local Beginnings to Proficient Property Management

Our journey began as Your Minnesota Neighbor, firmly rooted in the local community. With our wealth of experience and a team of committed property managers, Sharper Management is committed to furnishing your association with the essential services, effective communication, and specialized expertise that are imperative for achieving success.


Some of the most important highlights of our service include;

Communication & Task Systems

Efficient communication and task-based systems to attend to homeowner and board member requests.


Real-time Financial Transparency

A system where your financials are literally at your fingertips 24/7 and in real-time. We are transparent!


Dedicated Association Portals

Dedicated web portals for each association for paying dues, finding information.


Effective Collections Services

A collections department that is available for fill-service and financial-only contracts to keep your dilinquent dues list to a minimum.


24/7 Emergency Line

A 24/7 emergency line that is answered by one of our company owners or a senior staff member. You will reach someone who is committed to helping you.


Comprehensive Maintenance

Maintenance services to keep your building(s) well-maintained.


Admin Support & Communication

Administrative services to assist boards in good communication with owners as well as ease paperwork burdens.


Experienced Supported Managers

Property managers with experience and dedication, we know this industry is demanding for property managers. That is why we've built internal systems to support our managers. We believe keeping our managers happy will equal a happy association.


Local Minnesota Values

We are local based in minnesota instilled with our hometown values. We are your minnesota neighbor.


From Our Neighbor