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Board of Directors

Delegating to Committees

Policy Board VS Action Board

Frequency of Board Meetings

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board – Coming Soon!

Four Areas of Responsibility – Coming Soon!

Defining Officer Positions – Coming Soon!



How MCIOA Interacts with Governing Docs

Amending VS Restating

MCIOA Amendment to Amendments

Rule Creation & Enforceability Tips

Governance Overview – Coming Soon!

Hierarchy of Governing Documents – Coming Soon!

Federal & State Laws – Coming Soon!

ByLaw Basics – Coming Soon!

Defining Declarations – Coming Soon!

Articles of Incorporations – Coming Soon!

Document Amendment Requirements – Coming Soon!

Rules & Regulations Overview – Coming Soon!



Annual Meeting Success – Coming Soon!

Special Meeting Definition & Requirements – Coming Soon!

“Executive Sessions” Don’t Exists – Coming Soon!

Closed Board Meetings – Coming Soon!

“Open Meeting” – What Does it Mean – Coming Soon!

Board Meetings 101 – Coming Soon!

Board Meeting Tips – Coming Soon!

Virtual Meetings in Today’s World – Coming Soon!

Meeting Minutes 101 – Coming Soon!

Rober’s Rules – Coming Soon!

Actions Without a Meeting – Coming Soon!


Property Management Practices

Legislative Trends in Maintenance

Maintenance Matrix

The Role of the Manger – Coming Soon!

Site Inspections – Coming Soon!

Amenity Management – Coming Soon!

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