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Effective collections and your HOA.

Collecting delinquent HOA dues for your association is one of the least popular tasks an HOA board has. As association requires a number of things to operate that often add up to a large sum of money. Although it’s not fun, it’s extremely important to collect dues from homeowners in order to pay for repairs, the operations of the property, and to also save for future expenses. Sharper Management works with the associations we manage to be proactive and diligent to avoid having a large number of delinquent accounts on the books.

However, inevitably there will be times when a board is tasked with collecting delinquent HOA dues. Sharper Management and our experienced collections department can take that unpopular task off of your board’s list of duties.

Our collection policy has a proven track record with 100+ homeowner associations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area. We have saved our client associations thousands in legal fees associated with the collection of delinquent accounts.

Collections is part of a full-service contract with Sharper Management and it may be added to financial-only agreements as well.