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Summer storms in Minnesota are shaping up to be a regular occurrence in 2017. The June storm that caused significant damage in the northern metro prompted us to review a few things you may want to know about storm damage and living in an HOA.

First off, all HOAs have their own set of governing documents that dictate protocol for things such as external maintenance and restoration. Generally, your HOA’s insurance protects the exterior of your home (studs out) while your homeowner’s policy will cover the interior (studs in). This may differ in townhome associations that are free-standing (those with no shared walls or roof lines).

With that being said, in the event of a major storm that creates exterior damage to your HOA such as hail damage, loss of roofing, trees falling on your home etc., the Association’s policy covers your exterior. What may be confusing is coverage for damage on the inside of your home as the result of storm damage. An example of this is water damage caused by a hole left in the roof after a storm. Your insurance (you) are responsible for the water damage inside your unit.

Restoration companies that specialize in 24-hour response are critical in mitigating further damage from a storm event. When we look for storm damage companies, this is one of the first things we ask of the restoration company. What mitigation and temporary things do you put in place to minimize further damage.

Keep in mind an emergency response to the situation is not the final restoration. Do not expect a team to completely replace your Association’s roof the next day. The emergency response will secure the property against the elements. It will stop the rain, wind, and heat/cold from entering your home.

Sharper Management also looks for companies with good reputations. Online testimonials, membership in local and national organizations, and being a member of the BBB are all pieces we consider when bringing companies to the table for your Board to review. The company offering the bottom line price may not be the best choice for your restoration project.

When a restoration project is to start, Sharper Management works with your Board to notify residents of the project schedule. Sometimes it is necessary for work to begin in the early morning to ensure timely completion. This becomes a significant consideration when many properties in an area have been damaged. A little inconvenience, such as a 7am start, is worth it in the long run to restore your home as quickly as possible.