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When preparing a CIC property for sale, you can follow a lot of the same steps that homeowners go through. In general, the most important changes involve transforming your property into an open, well-lit, and de-personalized space. Follow these steps to help turn your property into a hot commodity:

  • Update the little things-in-style fixtures and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way.
  • Leave storage areas like closets, pantries, and kitchen cabinets half-empty and organize what’s left to create the illusion of more space.
  • Remove any personal items like family photos, pet supplies, religious items, and anything else that will distract the buyer from picturing their family in the home.
  • Give each room a purpose. If you have a room for storage, then make it into an office.
  • Try to be flexible with visits. It shows that you’re pleasant to work with if they choose to go through the buying/closing process.
  • Focus on cleaning and staging your kitchen especially-it’s almost always the big seller.
  • Buyers will most likely start searching online first, so make sure you’re on all of the big listing websites. Include lots of photos and take them during the day so your space is well-lit.
  • And, of course, do your best to properly clean and declutter your property. When arranging furniture, less is more.

The market is hot right now for home sales, so you can take advantage of that. Play up the association’s role in taking care of the outside property and that benefit when winter storms hit. For pricing, don’t try to over-price-that only discourages buyers from looking at your property. Set your price in the true or lower range, and it will attract lots of buyers who will most likely bid up for a better chance at closing it.

Find resale disclosure documents via the Sharper Management web site at sharpermanagement.com. Look for the Resale Disclosures link in the menu bar. Or, click here.