Sharper Management


2018 has been a hot year in the real estate market. As we enter Fall, you may be considering selling your home. If that is the case, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding selling in an HOA.
A review of the Governing Documents for your Association is a good idea to know what kind of questions may arise during the sales process. If you need an updated copy of your Governing Documents, they are typically available on your Association’s website through Sharper Management.
As the seller, you will be required to provide resale disclosure documents about your HOA. These documents contain a wealth of information for a buyer that include things like:
*    Pending litigation about the association
*    Up-to-date information about assessments
*    The Association’s financial status
*    Covenants and restrictions within the HOA
*    Any violations about the unit you are selling
*    Governing documents for the HOA
You may request resale disclosures through the Sharper Management website or visit this link directly to learn more. https://www.condocerts.com/.