Sharper Management


Sharper’s two directors of community management, Candy Lee and Josh Reams, have become heavily involved in the Community Association Institute (CAI) – Minnesota Chapter. CAI is the largest and most established organization in the community association industry. It is the resource center, education and certification group, and overall governing industry body to community managers, management companies, association board members and association related vendors.

Last fall Reams was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for CAI-MN. “CAI is responsible for many industry related things. My overall goal was to help revitalize the education offerings for community managers and volunteer board members,” said Reams, who was also previously on the Education Committee of CAI. “As an organization, there had been a number of changes in the administration of CAI. I was, and continue to be, excited about the opportunity to help shape the future of this valuable resource body.” One of Reams’ first initiatives was to reinstitute the Education Committee, appointing colleague and industry veteran Candy Lee to chair it. Lee has spent 2018 working with directors from nearly a dozen management companies to plan and convene multiple education seminars for community managers and volunteer board members from all over Minnesota. The last lunch & learn session, “I Wrote This; But They Read That: Effectively Communicating to the Masses” was held earlier this month and attended by 70 industry professional. Reams and Linda Grubish, Sharper Management’s Marketing Advisor led the session.

Reams and Lee have an exciting year ahead with nearly a dozen education and industry events through their efforts with CAI. “We are excited that a core part of our leadership group here at Sharper Management is so actively involved in the leadership body of our industry,” said Dan Cunningham, owner of Sharper Management.