Sharper Management


As is becoming a tradition in the annual Sharper Scramble Golf Tournament, each year Sharper selects an organization to support by raising money and awareness. This year Sharper generated enough of a donation to sponsor the rehabilitation of a house through the Hearts & Hammers program. The mission of Hearts & Hammers is to “provide exterior home improvement assistance for senior citizens, disabled adults and veterans of the United States Armed Forces, or their surviving spouse, so that they may continue living independently.” On September 22nd, over a dozen Sharper staff and owners came together to do yard and landscaping jobs, painting, carpentry work and other various repair needs to begin restoring a home in Shakopee.

“A core value of Sharper is to ‘be your Minnesota neighbor,'” said Matt Froehlich, owner and head of operations. “This was a wonderful opportunity for the Sharper family to come together for a greater good. While we hope our time, energy and labor provided a valuable service to a homeowner in need and to a wonderful organization like Hearts & Hammers, it was equally special for us to share this experience together as a company.”

You can read more about Hearts & Hammers at www.heartsandhammers.org.