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Are you thinking about selling your townhome or condo this year? If you are, here are some important things you will want to keep in mind moving forward:

You will need to order resale documents

When selling in an HOA, there are a few special considerations to remember. The Minnesota State Statute that governs homeowner associations (Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act – 515B) states that the unit owner must furnish to a purchaser before the execution of any purchase agreement the following documents: [MOU1] the complete set of Governing Documents including the Articles of Incorporation, Declarations, Bylaws and Rules & Regulations, and a release disclosure certificate. To help you gather all of these materials, we have your Association’s Governing Documents on your Association’s website. The important resale documents you need can be found here. https://secure.condocerts.com/resale/

Look for a realtor with HOA experience

Hiring a realtor with HOA experience will make the selling process easier for both you and your buyer. HOAexperienced realtors understand the steps needed to sell a condo or townhome and other important information like why resale documents are necessary.

Don’t Forget to Stage Your Home

  • Get rid of clutter.
  • Aim for a light and bright look.
  • Stage important rooms first.
  • Remove and/or rent furniture.
  • Rearrange furniture.
  • Add little extras. The finishing touches are always in the details.

 If you need further information about your property, contact us.