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Selling Your HOA Property

If 2020 begins your moving journey, there’s a few things to take care of as you prepare your property for sale.

First of all, staging your townhome or condo is an important part of the process; this helps potential buyers visualize themselves and their unique style in the space. Prepare by hiding personal items like photos, toiletries, and knickknacks. As you start putting those away (or have decided to get a jump start on packing), make sure you label everything. There are specialized apps or ways to utilize default apps (like Notes) to help keep organized. Take a snapshot of each box’s interior so you know where all of your important items are kept.

In addition, make a list of things that can be packed in advance and what can be left for later. Decor, for example, can be some of the first packed away-especially if it’s distracting to the eye. Plus, if your closets are too full as you’re showing the space, remove about half of it to make the storage look larger. Try to do the same for any other spaces like your pantry.

A clean and minimal space will also help your sale while allowing you a chance to declutter. When you’re packing, ask yourself if you still need this item. Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading, it’s good practice to go through your things so you’re not dragging around unnecessary items through the years.

Ask your real estate agent how you should stage your furniture. They will most likely know what’s popular in interior décor and how your property can fit that trend; see whether a piece needs to be moved to open up the space or put in storage if it’s too distracting.

Quick Fix
Look for any quick fixes like a leaky faucet or outdated hardware. A simple paint job or updated hardware can be the key to make your space look more modern on a budget.

We hope these tips will help you prepare for a successful sale and move. You may find resale documents on the Sharper Management website, or click here.