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Are you a new Board member who is still “getting their feet wet” in the first year of service? Being on your board is a fulfilling role and we’d like to help you with a few tips on some common pitfalls you may encounter on your journey as a new board member.
Some of the common mistakes association board members should note:
Holding Meetings Improperly
All board meetings need to be documented and with notice given to all homeowners. Any time a majority of board members get together and speak about association business, it is considered a board meeting. That may mean a casual lunch date could become a board meeting if you meet the right criteria.
Disregard for Governing Documents
Sometimes boards do not carefully read the community’s governing documents, and then fail to abide by them. This can happen if a new board is elected and they neglect to review the declaration and bylaws of the association. This is usually unintentional, but it can cause a lot of issues. Every board member should read the bylaws and all other association documents.
Making Changes Without Having a Complete Picture
Sometimes a new Board will make big decisions without carefully reviewing all circumstances and opinions. One example we’ve seen frequently is changing vendors too quickly. Take time to discuss with as a Board and with your Community Manager to get a clear picture on vendors.
Seek Proper Advice
Legal advice is sometimes needed when making decisions. Your community manager will be a great sounding board on when you may need an attorney to become involved.
Sharper Management holds Board Training Sessions twice a year. Be sure to check this newsletter for dates in January and October each year.