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The Role of the HOA Management Company

We are often asked about what homeowners perceive to be the responsibility of the home management company. The truth is that contracts vary from one HOA to another, so there is no blanket answer. The duties will be outlined in the Management Agreement and often involve both site and administrative management, but not always. Depening […]

Getting Ready to Sell in an HOA

Looking to sell your home? During our current global pandemic selling a home come with a few additional considerations. Your realtor will be a wonderful source for guidance, but we’ve compiled a short list of things to consider. COVID Considerations By appointment only. Open houses have been a wonderful selling tool for homes for a […]

Summer Storms – Staying Safe

summer storm safety

As we enter storm season, we want to give you a few useful tips to keep in mind. General Storm Tips:   Avoid wires and water. If your building is struck by lightning, avoid touching water and wires as they can conduct the voltage. Even touching a plugged-in lamp or getting tap water can result […]