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The Spring Selling Season Starts Now

Will this spring be time for a fresh start? If you’ve decided to sell your HOA property, there are many things to consider as you prepare. To help you plan, we put together 3 important steps to know in terms of working with your HOA when selling. Be Informed on Your HOA’s Selling Process Most […]

Vendor Checklist

When selecting a vendor or contractor, it is critical to use due diligence and have a process in place for making these selections. By having a thorough process, you will satisfy your obligation as a board member while also protecting from potential liability. When evaluating vendors or contractors for selection, there are some key pointers […]

Operations and Personal Protection Continue During COVID

As the pandemic continues, most people have adjusted to the “new normal” that is affecting everyone in the community association industry, the associations, and the owners. While we may be exhausted by the restrictions and repercussions of the coronavirus, we need to remain cognizant of actions needed to prevent the spread. There are several areas […]