Sharper Management


Is your homeowners association prepared to face bad weather? With storm season approaching, it’s important to have a management plan in place before potential property damage happens. The old adage, “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst,” is good advice to follow during storm season in the Midwest.
Before the storms roll in, make sure to get a spring roof inspection. Not only does this help build relationships with roofing and siding contractors, but it helps determine what the current status of your building is and makes it easier to identify issues related to inclement weather. Most contractors will conduct an inspection at no cost, so take advantage of the opportunity to ensure your building is adequately prepared. Looking for a contractor? Visit our Vendor Directory.
Create an emergency preparedness plan. In the event of a severe storm, you need to have a protocol in place that can be executed at a moment’s notice. Be proactive and make sure residents are aware of the safety procedures and where to seek shelter. Different weather scenarios require different plans—so make sure you are prepared for lightning, heavy rain, and tornado threats.
Ensure you have proper insurance. Check in with your insurance provider to fully understand what is—and what isn’t—covered under your current policy. Make adjustments as necessary. It may seem obvious, but many HOAs fail to stay adequately covered. Now is a great time to update your policy.
Prepare property exteriors. Strong winds can cause trees and large limbs to fall, which can potentially result in damage or injury. Before storm season fully arrives, consider hiring a contractor to trim the branches. Maintenance is not an area to cut corners, especially during storm season.
Stay vigilant. Always check for weather updates on your phone, and make sure to download any helpful apps that will keep you up-to-date in the event of inclement weather—don’t disable notifications.