Sharper Management


Summer is a great time to do a walk-through of your properties—the weather is nice, and the green landscape allows you to clearly see what needs work or improvement.

When doing a walk-through, pay attention to the following parts of the landscape:

  • Shrubs—do they need trimming? Are they uniform?
  • Grass—is there an irrigation system in place to keep it green?
  • Plants—are they looking healthy or are they dying? Is there too much of them?
  • Flowers—are there various bright colors around the property, or do you need more?
  • Bed spaces—are there empty pockets around the property that can be filled?

We suggest including your contractor on these property walks so they can create a plan to service your property and work with you on your budget.

Property walk-throughs are also good for noting what is working well and what needs work. You may have a great system in place that just needs a bit of updating since your property is always going through changes.

If you’re unsure of where to start, your landscaping contractor will have plenty of suggestions on how to get your property looking great. They’ll also know what species of plants can survive and bloom in the spring after a harsh Minnesota winter. Don’t put in the time and money for flowers and plants that won’t make it through the snowy season!

Now is the time to schedule a walk-through with board members and your landscaping contractor before the cooler months come.