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HOA board members take on a lot of responsibility, and it’s important for your board to be made up of qualified individuals. Whether you’re voting for new members or want to serve as one, here are some traits that make a great HOA board member.

Enjoy Volunteering

First of all, board members need to enjoy the volunteer work they’re doing. Being on the board involves time and patience, so members need to serve the community without expecting something in return.

Take the Role Seriously

The decisions that the board makes impact the community, so the role needs to be taken seriously. You’re protecting the investment of homeowners, and they’re counting on you to make the right decisions.

Be Consistent

Part of your responsibility as a board member is enforcing the rules. Being selective about which rules are enforced makes the entire board look unprofessional and can upset homeowners.

Be Empathetic

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions that won’t make everyone happy. It’s important to stay positive and understand where residents are coming from with their frustrations. They will appreciate having someone to truly listens to their concerns.

Cooperate & Collaborate

Even if you vote against a motion and it passes, stand united with the board and support the decision. You’re here to serve the community, not yourself. In addition, it’s important to understand that you are always working as a unit, and in order to do so, you’ll need to work well with others.

Be Detail-Oriented

A strong board member will understand the governing documents in order to have efficient meetings and make the right decisions. Attention to detail and ability to look at the small picture will ensure nothing gets missed and rules are being followed.

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