Sharper Management


We are extremely excited to launch our Video Resource Library – which contains nearly 100 professionally filmed educational videos with topics ranging from insurance to governing documents, to financials, to association meetings, and more. Although there are nearly 6 hours of total footage, each video is a short 2-8 minutes long with a very specific and focused topic. Feel free to browse around for topics that might intrigue you.

“We are excited to launch this resource for our Board members, homeowners, and even as a refresher and training center for our own managers,” said Sharper Management owner and CEO Dan Cunningham. “We look forward to adding more in the future!”

You can enter the video library at https://sharpermanagement.com/resource-library-2/

You can also see the videos through our weekly Tuesday Training Topic post by following us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/880327.