Sharper Management


2023 has been another great year for Sharper Management! To name just a few successes— Continued growth in welcoming 31-new clients. In doing so, we passed a milestone of 200 associations managed. We also continue a strong retention rate of existing clients. We opened a satellite office in Maple Grove. This summer we rolled out significant upgrades to our software platform and web portal offering – perhaps most notably, a wonderful architectural request tracking and approving feature. This winter we will be integrating new software to help streamline the scheduling and management of our maintenance team.

We continue our passion for training. We offered four sessions attended by nearly 200 Board members, representing over 60 different associations This spring we also rolled out our Educational Video Library, featuring 90 videos on dozens of different topics. We had another successful Sharper Scramble Golf Tournament and for the first time ever we topped $10,000 in proceeds, which were donated to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Sharper was also a feature of our industry’s trade organization (Community Association Institute) annual Vision Awards – receiving nine nominations. See Vision Awards article for details.

The achievements of 2023 are many. What we continue to be most proud of, however, is the cohesion and growth of our talented team. We welcomed five new managers this year, each of them a seasoned veteran, uniquely talented, with years of industry experience. We also added positions in our Accounting, Maintenance and Client Care departments. And in an industry plagued by retention issues, we continue to excel in our staff retention.

As we look to 2024, we have lots of exciting things on the horizon. See the 2024 Event Calendar article below. We look forward to sharing updates with you through these quarterly newsletters.

All of us at Sharper would like to thank you for being a valued client. We thank you for being a part of a great 2023 and look forward to an exciting 2024. And, finally, we wish you and your family a safe, healthy and happy Holiday Season!

Legislative Changes Effecting HOAs

The 2023 legislative session in Minnesota was an active one. There were a number of significant bills that will, and have, impacted community associations in the state. Some legislative items went into effect this year. See our July newsletter for a detailed listing. As we approach 2024, there is one significant bill that effects some standard day-to-day operations and governance of your association.

Violations & Rule Enforcement – in effort to create more uniformity in how rule violations are notified, fines assessed and appeals processed, the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (MCIOA) was amended to create further standards.

What it Says – any fine associated with a rule violation has to meet seven specific criteria or it could be challenged in a court. Homeowners are also entitled to a more consistent processes for an appeal and hearing of said fine.

Who it Affects – all associations that are currently under MCIOA, which is any association built after June 1, 1994 – and any condominium association regardless of when it was established.

What it Means –  Any fine and certain assessments must be accompanied by a dated, written notice to the Owner that includes seven specific pieces of information.

(1) states the amount and reason for the fine or assessment

(2) for fines levied under section 515B.3-102(a)(11) [VIOLATION OF GOVERNING DOCUMENTS], specifies: (i) the violation for which a fine is being levied and the date of the levy; and (ii) the specific section of the declaration, bylaws, rules, or regulations allegedly violated;

(3) for assessments levied under section 515B.3-115(g) or 515B.3-1151(g) [DAMAGE TO COMMON ELEMENTS OR A UNIT], identifies: (i) the damage caused; and (ii) the act or omission alleged to have caused the damage;

(4) states that all unpaid fines and assessments are liens which, if not satisfied, could lead to foreclosure of the lien against the owner’s unit;

(5) describes the unit owner’s right to be heard by the board or a committee appointed by the board;

(6) states that if the assessment, fine, late fees, and other allowable charges are not paid, the amount may increase as a result of the imposition of attorney fees and other collection costs; and

(7) informs the unit owner that homeownership assistance is available from the Minnesota Homeownership Center

When it Goes into Effect – January 1, 2024