Sharper Management


Tracking rental properties within an Association has long been a challenge to both Management and to the Board. “Managing” those Owners that choose to rent by ensuring they abide by any policies the Association might have regarding renting is even harder. It goes beyond the scope of the Management Agreement, and certainly adds further burden to the volunteer Board member experience. 

Recognizing this issue, Sharper has rolled out a program that adds the necessary resources to help manage this task, while allocating the cost to those creating it (the Owners that rent). This program is in the form of an Addendum to the Management Agreement. If adopted, it engages our rental management staff and gives the following benefits to the Association. 

Sharper Management will: 

· Track all rental properties and their Lease terms 

· Keep file of all Tenant contact information

· Ensure all required paperwork is on file (ex: copy of Lease, Addendum, etc.) · Verify compliance with any City requirements (ex: rental license) 

The costs associated with engaging in this program is charge to the Owners that rent on an annual basis. As a Board, you have the authority to establish fees – and this minor Owner fee creates an opportunity to better manage the rentals in your community. Speak to your Manager or contact Client Care for more information. clientcare@sharpermanagement.com