Choosing the right partner to help manage your condominium association is a big decision for a homeowner association board. Sharper Management understands this and that’s why we’ve built our company and its culture to reflect our values of being the right team member for your association.

While management services for a condominium complex are similar to other HOAs like townhome and co-op associations, condominiums are unique in some of the services they may require. For example, a condo association may have less green space and driveway space to maintain than a townhome association. Our experience and professional property managers can help your association address all of the issues pertaining to your unique association. We can custom fit solutions for management to fit your situation to ensure you’re getting the quality service your association needs.

Some of the most important highlights of our service include;

We are here to help protect your largest investment, your home. To learn more about why Sharper Management is the right choice for your condo association, contact us today.

 Read our testimonials and learn about our service, in action, from our clients.

Sharper Management has provided our Townhome Association with impartial financial and management services that guided the Association through major projects over the past 8 years that include re-siding and re-roofing of 164 townhome units. We completed these projects without having to charge the homeowners any special assessments.
Jason B

Sharper has done a great job assisting us with the management of our development. With their assistance and due diligence our outstanding collections are under control. They have done a great job of keeping us up to date on claims, budgets, etc.
Julianne M

Josh has been my property manager for a number of years and I don’t believe I could find a better person for the job. He is responsive to issues and treats the properties as “his”. If Josh doesn’t know something he will find the answer or come up with a number of possibilities to solve the issue. One last thing, Josh is great a developing budgets, both working, reserves, and future. Sharper Management also has great handymen available for association work and personal work.
Mollee L

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