Sharper Management


A Sharper Focus on 2022

Looking back on 2021, it was certainly a rollercoaster ride for Sharper Management. The successes are many. Continued growth and securing 20 new association accounts. Retention of existing accounts remained strong at 98%. The processes and structure of the Client Care Department continues improving our customer service level. The partnership with Finite Business Solutions has already shown great value in efforts to collect outstanding assessments. The switch to Alliance Association Bank for all Operating Checking accounts has better streamlined accounting and reduced banking cost to clients. Our team of 15-portfolio community managers is as strong as we’ve ever had. And, as previously mentioned, we closed out the year taking home half (four of eight) of the awards at the Community Association Institutes’ Annual Gala and Vision Award event held earlier this month. It has been an amazing year of change and success! The low of the year, of course, was the untimely and tragic death of Sharper patriarch and founder Matt Froehlich. A void that certainly can never be filled; however, in tragedy comes opportunity. Opportunity to refocus and to retool, and to emerge from the loss and make Sharper stronger. As we enter 2022, Sharper has made significant changes in our leadership structure that we are excited to share. 30-year industry veteran and 10-year Sharper leader, Candy Lee will take on the task as president of operations. She will oversee and provide leadership to all functions and departments of Sharper Management. Sharper leader and seasoned veteran, Natalie Martynow will fill the role of vice president of community management, overseeing all 170 accounts and mentoring the growth of our 15 community managers. Experienced community managers Tom Parsons, Kim DuPont, and Chris Gosse will fill newly created roles as senior community managers, providing mentoring and support opportunities for new and in-training managers. Grant Peterson, director of client care, will continue leading the ever-growing and evolving client care team. Returning to Sharper is another industry veteran and long-time employee, Josh Reams, who will fill the role of director of business development and education, focusing on continued company growth, marketing efforts, and education opportunities for Board members and staff. Todd Essig remains the accounting manager, overseeing all areas of financial management. Dan Cunningham and Nick Schilling remain the owners and operators. We are extremely proud of things accomplished in 2021 and are even more excited about the great things to come in 2022!