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Your Fall Cleaning Checklist

As we transition into fall, you and your family will start to spend more time inside. Your home may be well-maintained throughout the year as you do tasks like mopping and dusting, but it’s good to do a deep clean before it gets too chilly to be outside all day. We’ve come up with a cleaning checklist to get your home ready for the autumn season! Kitchen: Clean the inside of the oven, the inside of your dishwasher, under your refrigerator, the grout, countertops, and cabinets. It’s also a good idea to disinfect the garbage and recycling cans! And of course, continue the normal sweeping and mopping. Living Areas: Vacuum rugs and the underside of furniture cushions. If you have artificial plants, wash or dust them. Wipe down any technology screens, and clean the TV remote. We all tend to watch a bit more television when we’re stuck inside, so keep that remote clean! Bedroom: Clean the parts of your bed that aren’t washed regularly, like the comforter. Dust all dressers, nightstands, etc. Bathroom: Clean the inside of the shower and the drains, the sink, the floor, and the toilet. These moist areas are likely to grow mold, so clean them regularly. General: Wash windows and windowsills in each room. Cleaning the wall trim around your home may seem time-consuming, but it accumulates quite a bit of dust if not cleaned every so often. Clean the tops of doors, doorknobs, and light switches. You can spot clean the carpets or get them cleaned by a professional. Many home improvement stores also have affordable carpet cleaners available for rent! Follow these cleaning tips and you and your family will be set for all the fun indoor activities that fall brings.