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Packages, Gifts, Security, Oh My!

With the holidays comes packages!  We’ve all seen those doorbell videos of package thieves grabbing your gifts.  Just like kids, these thieves look forward to the holidays. Unattended packages on doorsteps are an irresistible temptation, and many communities struggle with crime during the holidays. The association itself is not responsible for delivered package, yet individual homeowners can play a part in protecting the community. These tips may help reduce crime in your association: Deliver to work/friend/neighbor. Utilize different delivery options during the holiday season. Have packages delivered where someone can accept them, or require a signature. Delivery instructions. FedEx and UPS drivers will often honor requests to place packages behind a gate, shrub, or other location; contact your carrier to find out the options. Track packages. Package tracking has come a long way, you can often receive a text message when their package is delivered. Standard security options such as cameras and HOA funded patrols may help but, as we’ve seen on those videos, sometimes they do not.  In addition, frequent security patrols can be very expensive, may not be in the association’s budget and, ultimately, impact dues. One main deterrent is a strong community. Strong communities can reduce crime. Owners who know their neighbors are more likely to report suspicious behavior. If you haven’t already, during this holiday season and beyond, get to know your neighbors.  It’s all about community!