Sharper Management


Online Shopping and Delivery Safety

The number of Americans having online orders delivered at their front doors has significantly increased this year, and it’s sure to continue to increase before Christmas. Some great tips to keep in mind to help ensure your packages arrive and stay on your doorstep include: Request notifications on your deliveries so you can bring it inside as soon as possible and have a written record of your package being delivered Always require a signature on your deliveries so packages aren’t left unattended, especially when expecting larger/more expensive items Schedule deliveries for a date and time when you are normally home, so you can grab your package as soon as it is dropped off Set up a vacation hold if you will be going out of town for the holidays, or ask a neighbor to keep an eye out on packages and bring them inside if they see any If you were struck by a porch pirate, call your local police department Have a safe upcoming season and enjoy holiday shopping!