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Fall Cleaning: A Helpful Guide

person holding cleaning supplies leaning against kitchen counter

While your home may be kept relatively clean, it’s a good idea to do a thorough, deep clean at the start of each season. You’ll be spending more time inside now that the temperatures are dropping, so you want to have a clean home for you and your family. A deep clean can be a little daunting, so we created a simple room-by-room guide to help you along.  Bathrooms  You should be cleaning the toilet, shower, and floors regularly, but it’s unlikely that you often wipe down the cabinets and trim. It’s also a good time to wash shower curtains and replace the curtain liners if they’re getting old.  Kitchen  Deep cleaning in the kitchen includes wiping down cabinets, dusting tops of cabinets and the fridge, cleaning underneath appliances, and tossing out expired or unwanted items in the pantry. If you haven’t lately, deep clean the appliances as well.  Bedrooms  While sheets should be washed every one to two weeks, comforters and mattress covers aren’t washed as often. Be sure to dust all bedroom furniture like dressers and nightstands, as these gather dust quickly and we don’t always notice. If you have a bedroom ceiling fan, dust that as well.  Living Room  The décor in living rooms can gather dust easily, so bring out the duster to clean year-round décor. You should also wash blankets and pillow covers and sanitize remote controls, which can easily be forgotten. Clean any fireplaces—for condos and townhomes they’re most likely gas or electric, so check with your association about yearly fireplace inspections.   Around the House  Throughout the home, make sure to dust blinds, vacuum air vents, wipe down baseboards, sanitize door handles, and clean the windows. You’ll be surprised at how dirty these areas can get while not even realizing it during your regular cleaning.   Once you’ve gotten your fall cleaning taken care of, it’s time to bring out the seasonal decorations! We hope you enjoy this autumn season.