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Budget Season: Prepping for Spring

Many outdoor maintenance services are slowing down or stopping due to cold temperatures and winter being right around the corner, so now is the time to start budgeting for spring maintenance and repairs. If your board performed a property walk-through this summer, you’ll know what will need attention once the snow melts. If your roads, […]

Vendor Checklist

When selecting a vendor or contractor, it is critical to use due diligence and have a process in place for making these selections. By having a thorough process, you will satisfy your obligation as a board member while also protecting from potential liability. When evaluating vendors or contractors for selection, there are some key pointers […]

Storm Safety and Your Association

As we get closer to storm season and the threat of damaging weather, it’s important to review your policies on exterior damage caused by natural events. Typically, the governing documents will dictate protocol for those situations and the role of the board vs. members. Most instances will require the board to be responsible for any […]

Choosing Contractors for Your HOA

If the ground hog was right last month, Spring is just around the corner. With that comes warm-weather maintenance projects. When selecting vendors for your projects, keep some of these tips in mind: Hire Licensed, Bonded and Insured Vendors It should go without saying, but it is important to hire ONLY licensed, bonded and insured […]

Construction Chat: The Spring Freeze Thaw Cycle

Soon the spring freeze/thaw cycle in Minnesota will mean things are on the move. Things you don’t want to move! Concrete heaves, asphalt buckles, retaining walls shift and bricks crack. The expansion/contraction process caused by ice/snow melting during the day, and then re-freezing at night, can put a tremendous amount of pressure on surfaces and […]