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Welcoming New Residents to the Association

How to Welcome New Residents to an HOA

As a new owner buying into an association, you will receive a “Welcome Packet” from Sharper on behalf of the association.  This Welcome Packet includes instructions on logging into the webportal, a listing of key contacts such as the Community Manager and Accounting representatives, options and directions on paying dues, etc. As fellow residents, however, you can also do your part helping new owners become accustomed to the neighborhood. Here are a few things you can do to welcome new residents to the association and area: Stop by and introduce yourself. Moving to a new city or neighborhood can be stressful, so your neighbors will be grateful to meet someone from the community. You can exchange contact information if they ever need anything, and you can talk more about the association and its rules. Bring over baked goods. If you’re not the talkative type, just delivering some baked goods or a handwritten note can go a long way. It’s a kind gesture that lets the new residents know that they’re in a nice neighborhood, and they’ll surely enjoy the treats after the move-in process. Make a list of things to do around town. Create a helpful list of some popular spots around town like restaurants, parks, movie theaters, shopping centers, etc. While they can search online for some things to do, it helps to have a recommendation from someone in the neighborhood! Invite them over/hangout in a common area. It’s a kind gesture to invite your new neighbors over for a drink or a meal, ask them to go swim at the pool, or spend some time outside. They’ll be grateful to make connections and friendships. If there are any events happening in the area, it’s nice to invite them as well. Think about what you wanted when you moved in. When you moved in, did you want to make connections and friendships? Could you have used a guide to local happenings? Did you have questions about the association? Essentially, think about what you would have appreciated when you moved in. As always, keep noise to a minimum to create an inviting space for new residents. Sharper Management is a locally owned, mid-sized property management company located in Eden Prairie, MN. We offer a full-suite of premier services to the Minneapolis-St. Paul seven-county area.