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Sharper Shines At CAI Vision Awards

Shaper Shines at CAI Vision Awards On Thursday, December 7th, the Community Association Institute-MN Chapter (CAI) hosted their annual Holiday Gala and Vision Awards ceremony.  CAI, the international trade organization for community associations and regarded as the national experts in education programs, publications, association governance, advocacy and the accreditation body, holds this annual event to recognize and celebrate managers, business partners and homeowner leaders. Multiple awards were given out for both associations and for individual managers. Nominations are submitted by CAI members and a special voting committee reviews all nomination applications for specific criteria. The awards are a high honor and significant recognition by industry experts, for industry professionals. Sharper is honored to receive the following: Above & Beyond – Josh Fuhreck. Recognizes an individual for substantive achievement in performing tasks and services beyond the typical job description and scope of responsibilities. Josh was the Runner-Up amongst seven nominees. Excellence in Service – Tracy Shaver. Recognizes a manager which goes beyond the call of duty to service the Board and homeowners to make to community a better place. Tracy was the Runner-Up amongst seven nominees. Financial Impact – Michael Miller. Recognizes a manager who positively impacted a community(s) in a significant manner, such as budget management, capital improvement project management, insurance claim navigation, etc. Rookie of the Year – Caleb Robinson. Recognizes a manager with less than two-years of experience, excelling in all aspects of management functions. Caleb was the Runner-Up amongst seven nominees. Advanced Manager of the Year – Kim Schlauderhoff. Recognizes a manager with over seven-years of experience who excelled in all aspects of management functions. Kim was the winner amongst a handful of very qualified candidates. Management Company Support Staff – Anton Graf. Recognizes an individual that supports the operations of a management company on an administrative, financial, etc. level. Anton was the Runner-Up amongst nine other nominees. Association of the Year – This award recognizes an association Board of Directors who members clearly understand their roles and fiduciary responsibilities putting the association’s interests ahead of and above all personal agendas. (Large: 100+ Homes) – Ridgewood Condominium Association – Manager Tom Parsons. Ridgewood tied for Runner-Up in the category. (Small: Less than 100 Homes) – Henley Condominium Association – Manager Kimberly DuPont. The Henley of Edina took home the Award! Outstanding Community – Bearpath Homeowners Association (Manager Dave Garten). This award recognizes an association the values community building. Bearpath was the Runner-Up for the award. In this industry event, which this year had an attendance of over 550 people, Sharper has been fortunate to have a long-list of winners. In 2021 we took home five of eight nominations. 2022 we took home four of nine nominations. Now in 2023 we’re honored with two winners and six Runner-Ups awards. Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners! It was a beautiful night for the industry – and an exciting night for Sharper.

The Ultimate Guide to Successful HOA Management

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Homeowners Associations (HOAs) play a crucial role in fostering vibrant and harmonious communities. Successful HOA management requires a delicate balance of effective communication, fair rule enforcement, and robust community engagement. In this blog, we’ll explore the key components of successful HOA management, offering valuable insights for your neighborhood along with making your community feel taken care of.   Communication is Key in Successful HOA Management Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful HOA management. Implementing programs such newsletters, community forums & digital platform announcements can help foster an open dialogue in your HOA community. These programs can help improve relationships throughout your community while also keeping them informed & engaged.   Rule Enforcement with Fairness and Transparency Fairness and transparency should be at the forefront when exploring rule enforcement. Having clearly defined rules allows for consistent enforcement throughout your community. Creating a balanced approach will help your community respect these guidelines along with a more positive environment.   Community Engagement: Building Stronger Bonds Engaging your community helps foster a positive relationship with HOAs. Think about implementing programs such as social events and volunteer opportunities to create a stronger bond amongst your residents. Having a connected community leads to higher satisfaction and quality of life for everyone.   Leveraging Technology for Efficient HOA Management Incorporating technology is essential for efficient HOA management. Uncover how digital tools can streamline communication, facilitate rule enforcement, and enhance community engagement. From dedicated HOA management software to online portals, there are multiple tech solutions that can make successful management a reality.   Strategic HOA Management Planning for Lasting Success Successful HOA management involves proactive planning. Planning for things such as maintenance, community needs and financial planning can help plan for future success. By creating a well thought out strategy, you can foster an environment for a thriving neighborhood.   Conclusion As you navigate the intricate landscape of HOA management, remember that success is a journey, not a destination. By prioritizing effective communication, fair rule enforcement, community engagement, and leveraging technology, you pave the way for a healthy and happy neighborhood. Implementing these strategies can lead to successful community living. — Ready to elevate your HOA management? Contact us today to learn more about Sharper Management’s HOA property management services. Sharper Management is a locally-owned, mid-sized property management company offering a full-suite of premiere services to the Minneapolis-St. Paul seven-county area. Topic post by following us on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/880327.