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Having Dogs in an HOA: Rules and Courtesies

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Living in a condo or townhome means you need to be respectful of your neighbors, and poorly trained dogs and inattentive owners can cause problems. If you have a dog in your HOA, here are some things to be aware of: Excessive barking It’s inevitable that dogs will bark throughout the day, whether they’re telling you they need to go outside or if they just want some attention. Yelping, whining, or barking for five or more minutes is known as nuisance noise. It can be annoying at any time of day, but it’s especially obnoxious in the early morning hours or late at night.  No one likes to be kept awake by a barking dog, so be sure to tend to your dog’s needs. Be aware that the Association could issue rule violations and/or fines if this kind of activity is reported. Cleaning up after your dog After your dog does their business, you need to pick up after them. Associations are strict about picking up after your dogs immediately, and there could be a violation or fee for neglecting to do so. Remember, common areas in your Association are shared areas. They are shared by other residents and they are maintained by service providers. They should not be held responsible, nor have to navigate, your pet’s messes. Leashing your dog In common areas and outside your home, your dog needs to be leashed. Although your dog may be friendly or well trained, there’s no knowing when they’ll be provoked or distracted.  Keeping your dog leashed is a safety precaution for you and other residents – and most cities have pet leash ordinance. It’s not just an Association rule – it’s usually a law.

Prepping for the Holidays: Inviting Guests

While we’re not quite to the holiday season, it’s a good time to start planning for having guests over. Each association’s rules vary, so check in with your board about the rules surrounding guests. If your townhome or condo has reserved parking spots, let your visitor know where the unreserved spots are. If your building does not have any reserved areas, an overcrowded parking lot can quickly become a problem, especially if visitors are staying for more than one day. Ask your board about parking procedures far in advance so that a solution can be worked out. Community areas can be great spaces to host events, but you’ll need to reserve it in advance. Also, be respectful of your neighbors. Having friends and family over can be fun, but it can often times get a little too loud. Be conscious of your noise level, and quiet down if your neighbors ask you to. Sharper Management hopes you have fun this upcoming holiday season! We’re dedicated to making your HOA an enjoyable place to live.