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Winter and Living in Minnesota

Minnesota winter is in full swing! Whether you love the snow and cold or not, it is part of life in the north. If you’ve recently moved into a townhome or condo, you might be getting a bit more cabin fever than in the past. Some ideas to help chase away the winter blues are noted below. Stay Active – The great thing about living in the Twin Cities is there are plenty of fun outdoor things to do in every season. Did you know Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan has groomed trails for both cross country skiing and snowshoeing? The abundantly wooded park has a nice sledding hill too for enjoying the winter for those of all ages. Easily accessible, the park is located at 860 Cliff Road, Eagan, MN 55123, the parks hiking trails are a wonderful opportunity to take your pet out for some needed exercise. Helping your pet get exercise during the winter when living in a townhome complex can be challenging. It’s also important to remember to be sure and pick up after your pet even when it’s cold. The common areas of your association are used by all. Get Organized – Traditionally, townhomes and condos has less square footage than a single-family home. Less space can mean clutter piles up fast if now managed. One way to stay ahead of the clutter most of us experience is to stay organized. Some tips from a blog we did last year may be very helpful in your quest to de-clutter your space. Learn more in “Simply Your Space” https://sharpermanagement.com/2017/04/simplify-your-space/ Take a Vacation – If you plan to be away this winter, remember the following important items: *    Always leave your heat ON. Set thermostat no lower than 55 degrees *    Winterize your pipes (sinks, toilets, etc) by turning supply valves off and then draining any trapped water *    Communicate with Management and your neighbors. Emergency contacts or instructions on how to get into your unit in case of an emergency is helpful.   If you’d like Sharper Management’s maintenance team to help you with any of the above-mentioned items, contact Matt Froehlich. (952) 224-4777 or email matt@sharpermanagement.com.