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Storm Damage Restoration & Contractors

While summer is coming to an end and fall is approaching, storms aren’t over. The best time to form a plan to repair storm damage is before the storm hits. Having a relationship with a roofing contractor prior to any damage will actually speed up the process and ensure that your damages are repaired, even those that aren’t visible from the ground. Research roofing companies in the area to make sure you’re hiring a company who has experience, preferably with HOAs. Ask to see their licensing, prior work, and referrals from past clients. Once you’ve selected your contractor, schedule a storm inspection to form that relationship and to be aware of the current state of your property. Many contractors offer a monitoring service so that when a storm affects the area, they’ll come out to assess the buildings or homes for damage. This also means that repairs will get done quicker than if you were to contact a company after damages have occurred. Timely repairs can also save you money from further issues like water damage. If water enters homes and buildings and isn’t repaired before the next time it rains, you’ll be needing further services like mold inspections and remediation. Not sure who to hire? Check out our preferred vendor Atlas Restoration & Construction: https://atlasmn.com/