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Winter Activities in the Twin Cities

winter activities

Even though the temperatures can be frigid during the winter months, it is still important to get outside and get some fresh air. There are many activities that the Twin Cities have to offer. Let’s go over a few of them! Ice Castles Located in Long Lake Regional Park are the Ice Castles of Minnesota. They feature more than 20 million pounds of ice. This unique experience includes an ice maze, tunnels, lights, and slides. It is the perfect activity for all ages and is only 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis. Open from the middle of January to the end of February. Ice Skating Minneapolis parks that have a rink offer loaner skates for free! Whether you are a pro skater or have never skated before, it is a fun way to get outside and be active in the winter. If you choose wisely, the rink might have concessions and a warming house. Minnehaha Regional Park This park has 9.9 miles of trails, historical buildings, a dog park, and Minnehaha Falls. Plenty of different activities for everyone to enjoy! Minnehaha Falls, a 53-foot waterfall that freezes in the winter, becomes a beautiful background for family photos. Igloo Dining A fun idea for dinner with a partner, family, or friends is to try igloo dining. There are a few options in the Twin Cities for this unique experience. Duke’s on 7 offers an igloo experience where you get a private igloo with a heater and blankets. Saint Paul Winter Carnival Thursday, January 26th, is the start of the winter carnival. Watch carvers begin to make beautiful ice sculptures while enjoying beverages. There will also be live music. At 6 pm, they will “Light The Park” and give away glow sticks! Skiing Downhill and cross-country skiing are a favorite for many during the winter in Minnesota. Como Park Ski Center offers 15 acres for downhill skiing and 5K of groomed cross-country trails. They also have lessons for all ages and ski and snowboard rentals.   There are endless options for activities this winter in the Twin Cities. Get outside and try something new this year! We hope you enjoy this winter season.    

Got Cabin Fever? Fun Things to Do in Winter

Sometimes, winter feels like it’s never going to end. Days with minimal sunlight and freezing temperatures make it hard to get outdoors, and many Minnesotans end up dealing with cabin fever. Being stuck indoors can really dampen your mood and lower your motivation, but there are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to help you beat those winter blues! Activities around the Twin Cities Ice Skating: There are various ice rinks around the Cities, including Lake Nokomis, Lake of the Isles, and Rice Park. Theatres & Museums: Spend the day seeing a show at the Guthrie or visit the Walker Art Center to admire some art! Mall of America: Shop till you drop! Enjoy rides, mini golf, or even see a movie while you’re there. MOA can truly be a whole-day outing! Indoor Home Activities Try something new. The days can get monotonous when you’re doing the same thing all the time, so pick up a new hobby to switch things up. Make themed dinners. Finding and cooking new recipes can be fun, so make an evening out of it! Make a charcuterie board or try your hand at some homemade versions of your favorite restaurant meals. Set a goal for yourself. Want to read more? Set a goal to read a book a week, for example. This makes you more likely to do the activity when there’s an end goal in mind! Have a movie marathon. If you’re stuck inside, might as well be entertained! Make some popcorn and turn out the lights to get that movie theater feeling. Outdoor Activities Go sledding. On one of the slightly warmer days, grab a sled and hit the local sledding hill! Shovel for someone in need. Have an elderly or injured neighbor? Shoveling snow off their sidewalk or walkway is a good workout and a way to give back to your community. Take a walk. If there’s minimal snow and ice, take a walk around the block to get some fresh air. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained throughout this long winter season. Setting aside time for intentional, planned activities can really brighten up those gloomy winter days!

Winter Outdoor Fun

Did you know, studies have shown that going outside and being active for even 20 minutes per day helps increase endorphins and reduce blood pressure. While there aren’t as many activities this year due to COVID-19, there is still plenty to do in Minnesota – even in January! We’ve compiled a quick list to help you get out and get moving. Snowshoeing. Head over to Lebanon Hills over in Eagan and, for only $7/hour, you can explore the trails above the snow using snowshoes! This is great for those that like to hike and go on walks but don’t like getting their socks wet from snow. Ice sports. The Minneapolis Parks Department is still hosting skating, hockey, pond hockey, and broomball on their ice rinks. While the numbers of lakes this year are reduced and there is a limit on how many people can be in a warming room at once, you can still lace up your skates and get your blood pumping. Hiking to frozen waterfalls. While Minnehaha Falls is pretty in the summer, it is are absolutely stunning in the winter. Hiking to the frozen falls and then following the trails by the water is a great weekend activity.

Winter and Living in Minnesota

Minnesota winter is in full swing! Whether you love the snow and cold or not, it is part of life in the north. If you’ve recently moved into a townhome or condo, you might be getting a bit more cabin fever than in the past. Some ideas to help chase away the winter blues are noted below. Stay Active – The great thing about living in the Twin Cities is there are plenty of fun outdoor things to do in every season. Did you know Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan has groomed trails for both cross country skiing and snowshoeing? The abundantly wooded park has a nice sledding hill too for enjoying the winter for those of all ages. Easily accessible, the park is located at 860 Cliff Road, Eagan, MN 55123, the parks hiking trails are a wonderful opportunity to take your pet out for some needed exercise. Helping your pet get exercise during the winter when living in a townhome complex can be challenging. It’s also important to remember to be sure and pick up after your pet even when it’s cold. The common areas of your association are used by all. Get Organized – Traditionally, townhomes and condos has less square footage than a single-family home. Less space can mean clutter piles up fast if now managed. One way to stay ahead of the clutter most of us experience is to stay organized. Some tips from a blog we did last year may be very helpful in your quest to de-clutter your space. Learn more in “Simply Your Space” https://sharpermanagement.com/2017/04/simplify-your-space/ Take a Vacation – If you plan to be away this winter, remember the following important items: *    Always leave your heat ON. Set thermostat no lower than 55 degrees *    Winterize your pipes (sinks, toilets, etc) by turning supply valves off and then draining any trapped water *    Communicate with Management and your neighbors. Emergency contacts or instructions on how to get into your unit in case of an emergency is helpful.   If you’d like Sharper Management’s maintenance team to help you with any of the above-mentioned items, contact Matt Froehlich. (952) 224-4777 or email matt@sharpermanagement.com.