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Snow Contracts and Expectations

As much as we all don’t want to admit it, winter is coming back to Minnesota. When the white stuff starts to fall again, it’s important for homeowners to understand how specifications in snow contracts will affect when snow is removed from your roadways and driveways. First off, every snow contract is unique. To better understand the nuances of your contract, check with your Board or contact Sharper Management. We are happy to share this information with you. In this article, we will be covering some of the most common specs of a snow removal contract. Specs that will affect your contract include: Trigger Depth – Most contracts will state an accumulation total that must be met before snow service will commence. This can be anywhere from a trace up to multiple inches. For most, it is somewhere between 1″-2″. This can be one of the biggest variables in the pricing of your snow contract. Accumulations – The definition of “trigger depth” is important. Does your contract state that service will happen when the trigger depth has been met for a single snow event/storm, or is it vague regarding at what point trigger depth is met? There is a significant difference between the definitions. For example, you could have a winter where less than 1″ of snow accumulates per event, but there may be many events like this in a relatively short period of days thus creating heavily packed drives in your association. Most contracts are written “by event”. Timing – The second most important component of your contract is the time in which snow service must be completed. For most contracts, “final cleanup” is somewhere between 6-12 hours after the snow has stopped falling. This timeline is also subject to snow accumulation totals. The more snow received, the more time allowed for cleanup. Open-Ups – Most contracts provide for an open-up during snowfall events that exceed a particular total. For example, if 4″-6″ of snow depth is met, but the event has not stopped, it is common for an open up to happen. Open-ups are simply done to allow vehicles to come in and out of the complex. They are not the same as a final clean up. Open-ups generally consist of a single pass through the roadways with the plow. One thing to define in your snow contract is whether open-ups include driveways, or just main roadways. Typical language states that an open-up will occur prior to __AM and/or after __PM. Knowing a bit more about how your snow contract is written may alleviate some frustrations over the coming months. Stay safe this winter!

A Sharper Management Property Earns Hopkins Community Image Award

For Immediate Release Sharper Management Property Earns Hopkins Community Image Award Meadow Creek Condominium Association, located in Hopkins, MN and managed by Sharper Management, has been named as a recipient of the 2016 Hopkins Community Image Award. This award is given to recognize property owners who have made improvements to their property or have demonstrated superior maintenance. Meadow Creek Condominium Association was nominated for the portrayal of a positive image in the community. Special note was made for the continual improvements to areas, grounds and buildings, major landscaping for water drainage, as well as maintaining a visually pleasing and comfortable atmosphere.  Meadow Creek Condominium’s property was reviewed by a committee appointed by the City of Hopkins and recommended for the award. The award will be presented at an upcoming meeting of the Hopkins City Council in December of 2016. “Our number one job at Sharper Management is to protect the investment of our Associations. That means exceptional management, care, and maintenance,” states Sharper Management Partner, Dan Cunningham. “Our talented community management professionals as well as the Board of Meadow Creek Condominium Association deserve to be recognized for their efforts.” Sharper Management is a locally-owned, mid-sized property management company located in Eden Prairie, MN. Known for their reliable and committed approach to services for condominium and townhome associations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul seven-county area, Sharper Management specializes in providing exceptional property management solutions.

Kelsi Ward Joins Sharper Management

For Immediate Release Kelsi Ward Joins Sharper Management Eden Prairie, MN, (November, 2016) – Sharper Management is pleased to announce Kelsi Ward has joined the Sharper Management team as an Assistant Community Manager. “Ward will be working in conjunction with our Community Managers in a support role. Her exceptional attention to detail will be a great asset to Sharper Management and the Associations we manage,” states Matt Froehlich, Partner and Head of Operations. “Sharper Management is continually looking for ways to provide our clients with exceptional service. To this end, we are actively investing in additional support staff to efficiently service our properties and support our Community Managers. This will result in even better service for all of our clients. Faster response times, happy managers, and happy clients are our goals,” states Froehlich. Founded in 2010, Sharper Management is a locally-owned, mid-sized property management company offering a full suite of premiere services to homeowner’s associations of all sizes. Sharper Management currently provides services to the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN seven-county metro area. For more information on Sharper Management services and employment opportunities, call 952-224-4777 or send an email to info@sharpermanagement.com. END