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Members of the Minnesota Chapter of the Community Associations Institute recently honored Chris Gosse for his work in the field of community management. Gosse received the Financial Impact Award at CAI-MN’s annual Vision Awards ceremony held Thursday, September 14 in Minneapolis, MN.

The Financial Impact Award is given to a manager who has positively impacted a community in a significant manner from a financial standpoint in areas such as; budget management, capital improvement management, warranty, and insurance claim management.

Among the many accomplishments of Gosse in the past year, his guidance in helping three of his Associations realize the benefits and subsequent implementation of Reserve Studies was significant. Prior to Gosse, the properties did not have a Reserve Study and all three had a history of special assessing members if a need arose. Gosse convinced the Boards of the importance (and statutory requirement) to having a Reserve Study. Through his leadership, each Association did a complete paradigm shift to their capital funding philosophy. From start to finish Gosse was engaged with the Boards and their chosen firms to complete the studies. He also worked with the Boards to incorporate the funding plan in their operating budget and cash flow.Gosse’s other accomplishments in the past year include:
• Improving cash flow by helping a board identify ways to save. The end result was roughly a 20% saving.
• Implementing a Special Assessment in an Association that had previously not done this. Through Gosse’s expert guidance, the Board had a 100% collection rate and the project that necessitated the Special Assessment was completed successfully.
• Helping an aging condo association acquire a loan for $650,000 to complete major repairs that we in immediate need.

This is the second year in a row Gosse has been honored by CAI-MN. In September 2016, he was awarded the Rookie of the Year honor for his outstanding work as a new Community Manager.
“Chris has really hit the ground running since first becoming a Community Manager at Sharper. His willingness to “get the job done” and find creative solutions to problems makes him a great asset to our organization and the communities he serves. He is well deserving of this honor,” states Matt Froehlich, Partner and Chief Operating Officer.
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