Sharper Management


We’ve entered storm season here in the Midwest, so now is a good time to go over some tips for staying safe. In a condo or other high-rise building, there isn’t always a basement or underground parking garage to take shelter in. So, in the case of severe weather, what should you do?

No matter if you’re on the top or bottom level, get to an area without windows. You’ll want to get to a room that has as many walls between you and the building’s exterior as possible. Bathrooms or closets are typically the safest options. It’s best to get as low as you possibly can in the building, so get to know your neighbors on the first floor, as you could likely take shelter with them. Your building may have a designated safety area for instances like these, so check with your association.

You should also create a safety kit for severe storms in case the power goes out for a long period of time. Include first-aid items, flashlights, emergency contacts, water bottles, and nonperishable food.

Checking the weather and knowing when a storm will strike will help keep you safe and give you time to prepare. If you do have covered parking, move your vehicle so that it’s not hit from flying debris outdoors.

We hope you stay safe this summer, and we hope for minimal storms!