Sharper Management


When living in a condo or townhome where you’re sharing walls with neighbors, conflicts can arise. This isn’t uncommon, and not every problem needs to be taken up with the HOA board or community manager. Here are some ways you can handle conflict resolution: 

Talk to your neighbor 

If you don’t bring the issue up to your neighbor, they might never know that they’re doing something that bothers you. Noise levels are a common complaint, so just let them know that they need to reduce the volume. Be respectful and don’t let the problem fester, or the discussion could become heated when it doesn’t need to be. When you start the conversation with an accusation, the other person feels like they’re being attacked, which can lead to further conflict. 

Bring in a mediator 

A non-biased third party can be a helpful way to find a middle ground and come to a solution. They’re able to hear out both peoples’ sides and bring an outsider’s perspective to the problem, which is sometimes all you need to resolve the issue. 

Check the HOA bylaws 

Another thing you can do before going to the board with your complaint is to check if there’s anything in the bylaws about it. Noise complaints are valid, along with an issue like someone not picking up after their dog or leaving a mess in common areas. If they’re violating a bylaw and they don’t stop after you’ve talked to them, you can bring it to the board or community manager’s attention. 

Of course, if you witness any destruction of HOA property, let your board know rather than confronting the individual. But for personal matters and disagreements, try to work it out amongst yourselves before involving management.