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Conflict Resolution & When to Involve the Board

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When living in a condo or townhome where you’re sharing walls with neighbors, conflicts can arise. This isn’t uncommon, and not every problem needs to be taken up with the HOA board or community manager. Here are some ways you can handle conflict resolution:  Talk to your neighbor  If you don’t bring the issue up […]

Winter Prep: Snow Removal Contractors

Minnesota winters can be pretty unpredictable, but your snow removal rules shouldn’t be. Don’t wait until the first snowfall to have your snow removal contracts set in place—the specifics need to be created ahead of time so that you aren’t flooded with questions and concerns about policies. If you don’t have a snow removal contract […]

Summer Vacation: Tips for Being Away from Home

We’ve all been there— you’re finally on the road and hours into your trip when you think, did I lock the front door? Burglaries are common while families are on vacation, so we’ve put together a list to ensure that your home and belongings are protected. Lock doors and windows. Have someone else double-check in […]

Getting Things Done – Our Growing Vendor Directory

he Sharper Management list of preferred vendors continues to grow! If you are in the market to check a few of your maintenance items off the To Do List this Spring, the Directory is a great resource. Check it out using the button link below.   [button link=”https://sharpermanagement.com/preferred-vendors/” color=”black”] Vendor Directory[/button]

Winter Outdoor Fun

Did you know, studies have shown that going outside and being active for even 20 minutes per day helps increase endorphins and reduce blood pressure. While there aren’t as many activities this year due to COVID-19, there is still plenty to do in Minnesota – even in January! We’ve compiled a quick list to help […]

Long-term Ideas for Productivity When Working from Home

According to Stanford University, 42% of the American workforce is currently working from home. If this applies to you, we have few ideas that may help. Have a designated workspace. While the kitchen counter may seem like a welcoming home office, it is recommended to carve out a space that is specifically for work. Having […]

Maintaining Community Ties During COVID-19

With everyone spending time more time at home and distanced from others, has your HOA been affected? As we navigate our way through COVID-19, it’s important to foster connectivity in your association. Holding events over Zoom is a great way to connect with people and do different activities. For example, you can play bingo, have […]

Pets, Winter and HOA Living

We still have a couple more months of winter to go, which means a lot of us will choose to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy. For those who have kids or pets, this also means a little extra work so that cabin fever doesn’t set in and cause disturbances. Similarly, if a resident […]

Conflict Resolution

It’s not uncommon for differences to arise between neighbors and townhome and condo living is no different. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you must speak up about a neighbor’s behavior or treatment of property, there are several ways to start the process and even resolve it without involving your Community […]

Summer Vacation

August is vacation month in Minnesota. Our best weather of the season is upon us, the kids are still out of school, and the time is just right to get away for some R&R. Unfortunately, your perfect vacation could be ruined upon your arrival back home when you find your home has been broken into […]