Sharper Management


We still have a couple more months of winter to go, which means a lot of us will choose to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy. For those who have kids or pets, this also means a little extra work so that cabin fever doesn’t set in and cause disturbances. Similarly, if a resident has decided that this is the year to adopt or buy a pet, they should be sure to follow their HOA’s rules before taking that big step.

Once a member has taken on the responsibility of a pet, they also take on the responsibility of following the HOA’s pet policy. In most documents, the pet owners will be required to clean up after their pet to keep the association grounds well-maintained for everyone. For dogs especially who go outside a lot, excrement should be picked up and toys should not be left around in public areas. Keep all pets on a leash so they can be contained-even if the pet is well-trained, a noise could startle them and send them running.

Overall, be respectful of your neighbors. If your dog needs to burn off energy in the winter, try taking them to a doggy daycare. A pet who is constantly making noise can be a disturbance to the community. If you do go for a walk at dawn or dusk, wear some kind of reflective gear to keep you and your pet safe. Doing all this will help keep the order in your community so everyone can live comfortably.