Sharper Management


In addition to the growing number of new clients in 2023, Sharper is pleased to add three new-to-us, but experienced-in-the-industry, staff to our already strong stable of community managers. Joining as portfolio managers, we welcome Steven Smith, Josh Fuhreck, and Kimberly Schlauderaff.

Kim brings 20 years of property management experience and holds industry designations of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) and Association Management Specialist (AMS) through the Community Association Institute (CAI). She is an industry veteran that began in the rental management field before coming to the community association side and has since won awards through CAI for Excellence in Service. Outside of work, Kim loves practicing yoga, hiking, gardening, and DIY projects with her granddaughter.

Josh comes with a decade of experience in HOA management after beginning his career on the commercial side. He also holds his CMCA and AMS designations. A native of Milwaukee, Josh enjoys following WI sports teams and spending time at the lake with his wife, young daughter, and two dogs.

Finally, Steven comes to Sharper with 8 years in association management but over 40 years in various management positions in hospitality and other related industries. Steven also holds his CMCA and AMS designations, and he is a CAI award winner for Financial Impact.

“We are fortunate to have an already solid and experienced group of community managers,” said the vice president of community management, Natalie Martynow. “Adding Steven, Josh, and Kim only enhances our ability to serve our growing client base. Good managers are hard to find. Somehow we landed three great ones. Having experienced managers wishing to join our team, I believe, speaks to our organization’s reputation and the culture we have worked so hard to develop”