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Legislative Changes Affecting HOAs

legislative changes

The 2023 legislative session in Minnesota was active, with several significant bills that will impact community associations in the state. Below is an abbreviating listing of those topics. As the laws are further defined and incorporated into daily living in HOAs, we will continue diving deeper into these topics in future newsletters and publications. Marijuana/Cannabis […]

Board Tip: Tabling vs. Postponing Agenda Items

While each HOA may conduct business differently, a standard procedure for board meetings is essential to optimize efficiency and productivity, commonly known as Parliamentary Procedure. Some boards use Robert’s Rules of Order to create the meeting format, agendas, motions, and floor discussion, while others create their own procedures. But, even with a solid structure to […]

Dues Increases – No Resident Wants; But Every Association Needs It

For most Associations, it is budget season. Your Community Manager has worked hard to develop a proposed 2018 operating budget that will keep your association fiscally healthy by projecting and planning for expense trends (such as utilities), plugging in contract figures (such as lawn/snow), budgeting for operating projects you’ve directed to be completed (perhaps gutter […]

Sharper Management HOA Wins CAI MN Association of the Year

Sharper Management is pleased to announce one of their managed HOAs, the Territory Homeowners Association, has won CAI MN’s Association of the Year Award. Honored on September 14 at the annual Vision Awards, Territory is under the supervision of Sharper’s Community Manger Jeremy Larson. The Association of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding team effort […]

Board Tip: “Tabling” an Agenda Item

The spectrum of how thoroughly a Board of Directors follows parliamentary procedure and applies Robert’s Rules of Order at their meeting varies greatly.  Most associations are pretty informal and use the typical “motion, second, discussion, majority vote” on decision making matters. That might be the extent of it.  Some are quite lax and don’t even […]

Board Tips: Make Your Meeting Matter

In previous issues we’ve discussed the importance of a strong meeting facilitator; we’ve suggested agenda formats to create better meeting efficiency; and recently we wrote on the principle that meetings should be regulated to making decisions. There’s no denying that we live in a culture of meetings. In this issue’s Board Tips, we offer one […]