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Sharper Management is pleased to announce one of their managed HOAs, the Territory Homeowners Association, has won CAI MN’s Association of the Year Award. Honored on September 14 at the annual Vision Awards, Territory is under the supervision of Sharper’s Community Manger Jeremy Larson.

The Association of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding team effort of an association board of directors and homeowners whose members clearly understand their roles and fiduciary responsibilities putting the association’s interest ahead of and above all personal agendas. A board comprised of effective volunteer leaders who are fair, responsible and reasonable in their decisions.

A lovely single-family home development, Territory HOA is still in development but recently transitioned from Declarant to Homeowner Control. It is because of the smooth process and expert planning during this transition that this Association was so deserving of Homeowner Association of the Year.

A key factor contributing to the success of Territory HOA is the diverse expertise their Board members bring to the table. Their skills were put to the test when tasked with developing a detailed Architectural Review process. This is a very important process for all HOAs, but particularly important for this one since parts of the community are still in development. A reliable and efficient approval process is essential in maintaining the continuity of the community.

Another strength of this Board of Directors is their fiduciary diligence. Territory has expansive common areas throughout the development that include a variety of amenities. This Association has found a perfect balance of revenue and managing expenses. Their healthy cash flow is in part due to their diligence in staying on top of Collections.

Maintaining the value of their property through a healthy cash flow, maintenance of common areas, and oversight of the community architecture keeps the continuity and the value of the property high. This Board accomplished all of this in a short timeframe and it is working wonderfully.

“All of us at Sharper Management are happy to see the Territory Association honored in this way. It is truly a testament to innovative thinking, dedication, and great leadership. Congratulations to Territory and to our manager Jeremy Larson for a job very well done,” states Sharper Management’s Associate Director of Community Management, Josh Reams.

About CAI-MN
Founded in 1973 as a multidisciplinary, nonprofit alliance serving all stakeholders in community associations, CAI is the only national organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsive, competent community associations. CAI is regarded as the national expert in educational programs and publications about community association governance, operations, and management. CAI’s members look to us for information about new products, educational opportunities, technologies, and better ways to run their communities.

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